Hatch Green Chile Queso Burger

Our House burger with lettuce, tomato, a generous helping of our queso topped with hatch green chiles, four onion rings and served with fries.

Philly Cheesesteak

A heaping portion of shaved ribeye mixed with sauteed onions and topped with provolone cheese. All of that goodness served in an Amoroso roll and joined with our delicious fries.

Veggie Burger

Black bean patty with guacamole, basil pesto aioli, grilled jalapeƱos, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with sweet potato waffle fries.

Steak Sandwich

7 ounce flat iron steak, sliced thinly and placed on a grilled French baguette with four homemade onion rings and a light slathering of homemade horseradish aioli. Served with the world’s best fries.

Ghost Burger

1/3 lb hand-formed patty topped with ghost pepper cheese, homemade onion rings, special sauce, lettuce and tomato.


San Francisco-style sourdough bread slathered with a basil pesto aioli, green leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes and our world famous 1/4 inch thick homemade bacon. Served with the world’s best fries.

The Milburger

1/3 lb burger with thick-cut bacon, smoked gouda, baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, sweet horseradish pickles, red onions and apple cider vinaigrette.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

San Francisco-style sourdough bread with multiple slices of cheddar and American cheese melted to perfection. Served with the world’s best fries.

Bleu Burger

1/3 lb burger with four homemade onion rings, bleu cheese, au jus, lettuce, tomato, red onion and boom boom sauce.